5 Ways to Minimize Air Conditioning Strain in Mesa, AZ

As summer temperatures soar, air conditioning becomes a lifeline for comfort and relief. However, running your air conditioner extensively can strain the equipment and increase your energy bills. Let’s explore five effective strategies to help you maintain a comfortable indoor environment without overburdening your AC system in Mesa, AZ.

Set the Temperature Moderately

Avoid setting the air conditioning temperature too low. Each degree below the recommended temperature increases the strain on the system. Set the thermostat to a comfortable but slightly higher temperature, such as 75–78 degrees, to reduce the workload on the air conditioner.

Use Natural Ventilation

Take advantage of cooler mornings and evenings by opening windows and allowing fresh air to circulate. This can help cool your home without relying solely on the air conditioner. Use ceiling or portable fans to improve air circulation and make the space feel cooler.

Keep Doors and Windows Sealed

Keep windows and doors properly sealed to prevent cold air from escaping and warm air from entering your home. Check for any gaps or leaks that may be compromising the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Proper insulation and weather stripping can help you maintain a more stable indoor temperature.

Use Shades and Blinds

Direct sunlight can significantly increase the temperature inside your home. Use curtains, blinds or shades to block sunlight during the hottest hours of the day. This will reduce the heat entering your home and lessen the workload on your air conditioner.

Schedule AC Maintenance and Cleanings

Schedule regular AC maintenance for your air conditioner to keep it operating efficiently. Clean or replace air filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations since clogged filters can restrict airflow and strain the system. Keep the outdoor unit free from debris and vegetation to allow for proper airflow.

Minimizing air conditioning strain is beneficial not only for your AC system’s health but also for your energy consumption and budget. Adopting these strategies can will promote sustainability and lead to long-term cost savings, contributing to a greener and more comfortable future. Contact Air & Water Mechanical Services, LLC today for expert AC maintenance to achieve optimal comfort in your home or business.

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