Diagnosing 5 Worrisome Heat Pump Noises in Gilbert, AZ

Heat pumps typically operate quietly at near-whisper levels of noise. However, whether age or maintenance-related, heat pumps can start to produce unusual sounds. Read on to find out about five worrisome heat pump noises and what they mean in your Gilbert, AZ, home.

Grinding Sounds

If your heat pump is making loud grinding sounds, you should turn it off and schedule a repair service. This may be an indication of worn bearings, insufficient lubricant or bent fan blades. Routine HVAC maintenance could be all that your heat pump needs if it hasn’t had regular service.

Rattling Sounds

Rattling sounds can also be a sign of loose or worn parts or bent fan blades. It may be that a bearing or other component has come off and is being blown around in the motor’s housing. Catching and correcting minor heat pump problems early will limit the damage they cause.

Bubbling or Gurgling Sounds

If your heat pump is making bubbling or gurgling sounds, it may have a leak along its refrigerant line. You can check for pooling coolant or small beads of moisture on the evaporator coil. Bubbling or gurgling sounds could also mean your heat pump has a blockage along its condensate drain line.

Whistling or Shrieking Sounds

Heat pump compressors operate under extreme pressure. When heat pumps have refrigerant leaks, their compressors work harder than normal to regulate pressure. Whistling or shrieking sounds could indicate increasing compressor stress caused by refrigerant loss.

If your heat pump recently had a refrigerant recharge service, there’s also a possibility that your system has too much refrigerant. In either case, it’s best to turn your heat pump off and have it inspected to prevent further damage.

Buzzing Sounds

During heat pump installation, HVAC service technicians hardwire heat pumps into residential electrical systems. Buzzing sounds could indicate worn electrical contacts, faulty wiring or faulty circuits. To prevent electrical shock or electrocution, have the problem inspected and diagnosed by a licensed HVAC company.

If your heat pump is making strange noises, our team is ready to assist. Call Air & Water Mechanical Services, LLC for exceptional heat pump and AC repair services in Gilbert, AZ.

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