6 HVAC Problems Common in Older Homes

There’s nothing quite like the elegance and personality only found in older homes. Whether it’s a grand stately residence or a smaller humble abode, homes that have been around for a while are prone to certain issues related to their heating and cooling systems. Read on to learn about six of the most common HVAC issues found in older homes in Chandler, AZ.

Ineffective Air Ducts

It’s often the case that older homes have outdated air ducts. Without regular maintenance over the years, allergens and other pollutants collect inside the ductwork. As a result, they restrict the flow of air throughout the home. This prevents the home from getting heated and cooled as desired.

Neglected air ducts also cause the HVAC system to work harder to move air into the home. They may be in an extreme state of disrepair, clogged by several years’ worth of dirt.

Unhealthy Indoor Air Quality

Hand-in-hand with neglected air ducts goes poor indoor air quality. Along with creating a musty, unpleasant odor that permeates the walls and furnishings, air that travels through dirty ducts isn’t healthy for you and your family to inhale. It picks up and disperses dust, dirt and other pollutants throughout the home.

When you breathe in filthy air, it may result in or exacerbate serious health issues such as asthma, COPD and emphysema. Young children and the elderly are especially susceptible to respiratory issues caused by poor indoor air quality.

Leaks in the Home’s Ductwork

Another HVAC issue involving ducts commonly found in older dwellings is ductwork that has fallen into disrepair. Dilapidated air ducts allow the heated and cooled air to escape through separations in seams and holes created by rust. This results in inefficient warming and cooling of the home.

Higher utility bills and wasted energy also result from ducts in poor condition. Air & Water Mechanical Services, LLC offers ductless HVAC systems to modernize older homes. A popular modern choice, ductless systems prevent future issues from leaky ducts and allow you to heat and cool your home using the more effective zoning method.

Antiquated Thermostats

The original thermostats found in many older houses are the most basic kind, with limited setting options and controls. They’re often located in areas of the house where conditions negatively affect their accuracy and operation. These areas include those in direct sunlight or near doors or drafty windows.

Poor thermostat placement causes the HVAC system to cycle on and off repeatedly. When this happens, your system falls short of adequately heating and cooling your home, which wastes energy and drives up utility bills.

Outdated HVAC Units

A new HVAC unit has a life expectancy of approximately 15 years, so many older homes have heating and cooling systems that are practically antiquated. Couple this with a lack of routine maintenance and upkeep and you’ll find yourself with an HVAC system that doesn’t perform efficiently. Replacing it with a new, updated system will save money on repair costs and energy bills, improve indoor air quality and keep your home’s atmosphere comfortable

HVAC Zoning is Nonexistent

It’s quite common for an older home to have only one thermostat that controls the temperature in the entire house. This isn’t the most effective way to heat a larger home. Updated HVAC systems feature separate thermostats placed in various locations, called zones, throughout the house.

Zoning makes it possible to choose different temperature settings for different rooms. Setting cooler temperatures at night when everyone is in bed or during the day when no one is home decreases energy use and saves on utility bills.

Let the Pros Modernize Your Home

If you’ve decided to invest in the classic beauty of an older home, you’ll want an HVAC system in top working order. Contact the fully trained expert service technicians at Air & Water Mechanical Services, LLC to ensure your home’s indoor air quality and atmosphere will make it the cozy castle that you deserve. We pride ourselves on always making our customers’ comfort and satisfaction our top priorities!

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