4 Ways to Efficiently Use A Heat Pump During Cooler Months

Do you operate a heat pump to cool your house in summer and warm it in winter? Maintaining your heat pump is essential to ensure it works properly. The following are ways to improve the cold weather performance of your heat pump in Tempe, AZ.

Follow a Regular Maintenance Schedule

To ensure peak performance, follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for a professional tuneup. During maintenance, service technicians inspect the entire system and fix any issues that may hinder performance. They identify minor problems and mend them before they become serious and result in expensive heating repairs or premature replacement.

Change the Heat Pump’s Filters

Clean air filters are crucial in trapping particles that could enter the system. If left unattended, debris can build up and cause clogs that reduce the heat pump’s efficiency and may even cause more serious problems. Always check the filters frequently, especially if you have pets at home, and replace them when necessary.

Clean the Outdoor Coils

During the early warm days of fall can be a great time to have a professional come clean the outdoor coils in preparation of the colder months, which helps remove dust and debris that accumulates on the surface due to weather elements. In addition, take the time to remove any debris around the sytem.

Avoid Cranking the Temperature

When adjusting the thermostat, avoid making big increases or decreases with the temperature setting, especially considering the former doesn’t make your home heat faster. Instead, it consumes more energy. It’s ideal to use a smart control device that effectively adjusts the temperature. It can help you save on costs and enhance home comfort.

Contact Air & Water Mechanical Services, LLC for heat pump repair and maintenance services in Tempe, AZ, and the surrounding areas. Our service technicians have the relevant training and experience to provide quality work that guarantees customer satisfaction.

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