5 Dangers of Repairing Your Own Water Heater in Mesa, AZ

You rely on the water heater in your Mesa, AZ, home for showers, baths, cooking and much more. When something goes wrong with your water heater, it’s tempting to try to repair the problem yourself. Before you pull out your toolbox, consider the dangers of repairing your water heater without the proper training.

Scalding Hot Water

It’s simply not safe for you to work on your water heater without proper training. The water inside your water heater rises to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so a single slip puts you in danger of suffering burns.


Another major danger is electrocution. Many water heaters, whether tanked or tankless, run on electricity, meaning that any repair work carries with it the risk of suffering a massive electric shock.

Toxic Gases and Gas Line Damage

If your water heater relies on gas, there are other dangers to consider. It’s easy to puncture a gas line, leading to a carbon monoxide leak. Instead of risking the health of you and your family, leave the water heater repairs to the pros.

Void Your Warranty

Water heaters come with warranties from the manufacturer, but they typically don’t cover any mishaps that arise from DIY repair work. If you try to fix your water heater on your own and something goes wrong, you’ll just void your warranty and will have to shell out money for professional repairs anyway.

Chemical Exposure

Water heaters rely on certain chemicals that facilitate the steady flow of hot water from your water heater to your plumbing appliances. Without the right training, you may expose yourself to these chemicals without even realizing it.

With all the dangers accompanying DIY water heater repair, it’s extremely unwise to attempt it on your own. Give yourself a break and call the trusted professionals at Air & Water Mechanical Services, LLC to ask for our water heater services today.

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