4 Common Water Heater Problems in Tempe, AZ

While water heaters are available in different models, they suffer from similar problems. It’s wise to familiarize yourself with common water heater problems to know when to schedule repairs. Call a certified professional in Tempe, AZ, for repairs if your water heater develops these problems:

Water Leaks

A faulty drain valve, condensation, loose connection and faulty pressure relief valve are common causes of a leaky water heater. If the leak happens at the tank’s bottom, you might need to replace the equipment, which requires professional assistance.

No Hot Water

A faulty or broken heating element prevents water heaters from heating water. Lack of or no hot water could also arise from an incorrect thermostat setting or a malfunctioning thermostat. The solution is to hire a repair service technician to unearth why your water heater isn’t producing hot water.

Another reason your water heater produces insufficient or no hot water is a tripped circuit breaker. A professional might inspect the pilot light and replace or clean the thermocouple if you have a gas water heater.

Slow Water Heater

Water heaters that are slower than usual may have an issue with the heating elements. A faulty thermostat can also force the heating equipment to heat water slower.

Regular maintenance can help detect a slow water heater. Our service technicians can fix it or prevent this common issue.

Rumbling or Popping Sounds

An excessive accumulation of sediments at the bottom of your tank might cause a rumbling or popping noise. The buildup forces the equipment to overheat and boil instead of heating water. Regular tank cleaning and flushing out sediment layers will prevent a buildup.

Prompt repairs can save you from costly water heater replacements. We have certified professionals to help with routine maintenance and repairs. Call Air & Water Mechanical Services, LLC today for more information about our water heaters and routine maintenance services.

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