Can Ductless Heating Replace Space Heaters in Gilbert, AZ?

Even if you live in an area with predominantly warm temperatures year-round, the nighttime temperatures during winter can get to near freezing, especially in Gilbert, AZ. A popular choice for keeping your home warm is a space heater, but there are several reasons a ductless heating system is a much better choice. Keep reading to find out why a ductless heating system is preferable to space heaters.

Better Energy Efficiency

Space heaters will only keep an area measuring a few square feet warm for a very limited amount of time without sending your electric bill through the roof. To heat multiple areas of your home, you’ll have to use several space heaters. With each one you use, you’re driving your energy bill higher and higher.

In comparison, a ductless heating system works to heat entire rooms in your home. Many ductless models have variable-speed compressors and timing features that start and stop the system at specific times. These features cut energy use, reducing costs and saving you money on your utility bills while heating larger areas of your home more efficiently.

Safety Concerns

Space heaters, also known as portable heaters, come with built-in safety features. Even so, space heaters are responsible for more than 1,700 house fires in the United States annually.

Space heaters malfunction, get placed too close to flammable surfaces, cause outlets to become overloaded when carelessly plugged in and more. his can result in fires and often devastating loss of property and life.

Ductless heating systems are as safe as any other home HVAC system. There’s virtually zero risk of a fire resulting from overheating or circuit overload. A ductless system is safe from toxic gas buildup as well.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Space heaters create toxic conditions when they’re used in areas that aren’t properly ventilated. Propane-fueled space heaters are responsible for creating carbon monoxide fumes, which are lethal in poorly ventilated areas. Frequent use of this type of heater also increases the possibility of developing or exacerbating respiratory issues, like asthma and other conditions.

Ductless heating systems have built-in features that actually improve your indoor air quality by purifying the air that it circulates throughout your home. Air filters are the most commonly known component of a home heating system that keeps the indoor air clean and free from dirt, debris and pollutants.

More Warmth and Comfort

Because space heaters only work within a few feet of where you place them, you aren’t going to be very comfortable when you have to leave that limited area. A ductless heating system provides warmth throughout entire rooms, meaning that you and your family will stay warm without having to huddle around a small space heater.

Multiple Safety Precautions

The list of warnings and safety precautions associated with the use of space heaters is extensive and is a warning in itself. Some space heaters – particularly the cheaper models – haven’t received safety certification from a reputable testing organization. This means that they haven’t passed any official testing to ensure that they have the proper safety features.

There are other safety warnings that should cause concern. This includes not leaving space heaters unattended while they’re in use and only being able to plug the space heater into certain outlets (no power strips, extension cords or surge protectors).

There are some areas in your home where you won’t be able to use them for warmth. In addition, you must keep children and pets away from space heaters while they’re in use, meaning that your attention will constantly focus on the space heater to make sure your kids and pets are nowhere near them.

A ductless heating system will keep your home and family warm, cozy and safe without requiring a lot of extra attention, precautions or worry on your part. The safety features are a part of the design so that you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home and family are safe.

Keeping your home warm during cold weather and knowing your family is cozy and safe should come with no worries. Contact Air & Water Mechanical Services, LLC to let our team of professionals equip your home with a top-quality heating system. Get rid of those energy-guzzling space heaters and enjoy a safer, warmer home when cold weather arrives.

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