How Early Slab Leak Detection Can Save Thousands in Tempe, AZ

A slab leak can damage your foundation and interior structure and cost you a lot of money. However, early slab leak detection can help you fix the issue in time and save money. Here are the benefits of early slab leak detection and how it can save thousands of dollars in Tempe, AZ.

Reduces Water Bills

A slab leak happens when water pipes under your home have an abrasion or they’re too old. This leads to water wastage, increasing your water bill and costing you a lot of money. If you notice your water bills are up exponentially, you may need to contact a plumber to check for leaks.

Early slab leak detection can help you fix the pipes in advance and ensure you’re not wasting any water. An experienced professional will know what to look for and fix the issue in no time.

Prevents Damage and Repairs

A slab leak can quickly turn into a serious problem as the water can damage your home’s foundation. The amount of work required to repair a slab leak can scale into thousands of dollars depending on the extent of the damage. The plumber must assess the damage by breaking through the foundation to repair the pipes and fix the foundation.

if the homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover the repair to your foundation, you’ll have to pay for it. You may also incur other costs such as labor, re-flooring and non-water-related damages. The total costs of repairing a slab leak can skyrocket, especially if it requires any excavations or a new slab foundation.

Early leak detection can help you identify the source of the leak before the situation deteriorates. You can look out for signs of a leak, including sudden low water pressure and wet spots on the floor. This will save you costly repair fees and preserve your home.

Improves Your Health

Water leaks in your home increase the humidity which encourages the growth of biological contaminants. This can negatively impact your health as the contaminants can cause allergic symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, and wheezing. Other symptoms include headaches, fatigue, breathing difficulties and general discomfort.

Early leak detection can help prevent the growth of biological contaminants and improve your general health. You’ll save money on medication and prevent allergic reactions. If you notice signs of these contaminants in your home, you need to call a plumber to check for any leakages.

Increases Comfort

Biological contaminants can also clog your HVAC system, making it strain to heat or cool your home. Your system will end up working longer, which also increases your energy bills. Water leaks increase the humidity in your house, leading to cold and hot spots and inconsistent temperatures since your AC is struggling to keep up.

When your AC strains to heat or cool your home, it experiences increased wear and tear and frequent breakdowns. You’ll end up incurring costly repairs, and you’ll need to eventually replace your system. Fixing water leaks in your home will restore the humidity levels and home comfort.

Safe and Reliable Water Supply

There are various causes of water leaks, including corrosion of water pipes and abrasions. Perforation on your water pipes can allow contaminants to enter your main water supply, including your drinking water. Drinking unsafe water can negatively impact your health and cause various diseases.

Perforations on your water pipes lead to water waste as most of the water ends on the ground. This lowers the water pressure and reduces the water supply to your home, depending on the extent of the damage. You may not have enough water for domestic usage around the house.

Performing early leak detection can help fix the problem before your water supply gets contaminated. It can also help restore the water pressure and reliable water supply for all your water usage.

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